The Art of Cool Festival 2015 - Eve Cornelious

Art of Cool Fest – April 24-26, 2015 – Durham, NC

3 days + 2 outdoor stages + 5 indoor venues + over 30 world-class performaes = 1 in , NC. The mission of the concert is to “The mission of Art of is to present, promote and preserve jazz-influenced music.”

A non-profit organization that strives to cross artistic, economic and social boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of , cultures, experiences and creativity.

They want to present high-quality music and nts in unique venues throughout the Triangle to share their passion for music; our love of the Triangle's vibrant scene; our desire to build and celebrate community; and our joy in providing each and ry audience member with a GREAT NIGHT OUT.

Art of Cool was founded in Durham, NC, and is spearheaded by jazz trumpeter and educator, Albert Strong IV, and Cicely Mitchell, DrPH of Al Strong Music Productions.

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